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Common Garage Door Questions

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Common Garage Door Questions

Whether you are interested in buying a new garage door or you want to learn more about this type of system in general, you'll find the following FAQs useful and informative.

Are torsion springs better than extension ones?

There are several major advantages that garage door torsion springs have over their counterparts. They have a greater average cycle life (10,000 cycles compared to 5,000 cycles) and they tend to be stronger. The risk of a twisted coil is also minimal.

The paint on my garage door keep peeling away, how can I stop this?

This happens when you paint over a surface that is already cracked and peeling. If your current surface is starting to flake, you can't simply just paint over it, or this effect will keep happening. When the paint starts to flake, sand it down for a smooth effect. Once the surface is smooth, apply a new coat of paint that will stick for a decent amount of time.

What are early signs of garage door failure?

Early signs of failure can include sudden jams and decreased performance. If your garage door randomly stops and has become slower, then you should have it tuned-up. By keeping your garage door well maintained, a breakdown is much more likely to be prevented.

Is regular oil OK for garage door lubrication?

While using regular household oil such as cooking oil to lubricate your garage door may seem to work, it will not be as effective as using a lubricant specifically formulated for metal contact. Regular oils can easily wear off and even collect dust leading to dirt buildup, which will be bad for your garage door in the long run.


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