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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Service | Garage Door Repair Darien, IL

It's important to make sure that complex mechanical systems, like your automatic garage door, are properly cared for on a regular basis. If these mechanisms are neglected, the constant wear and tear they go through will cause them to break down prematurely, and reduce their working lifespan by quite a lot. With the maintenance service we offer, you'll be able to keep using your garage door for a long time, and you'll also avoid many potential accidents, and save money on all sorts of preventable repairs.

First Thing First

As probably the most important parts of your garage door, the springs need to be carefully inspected every so often to determine whether or not it's time to replace them. Aside from doing that, our technicians will also lubricate them and test the balance of the door and make any required tension adjustments so that these components won't experience any more stress than what's absolutely necessary.

Safety Feature Tests

Seeing as the opener is what controls the operation of the door and automates it, it needs to be checked to make sure the system is still safe to use. We'll examine the alignment of the safety sensors and adjust their position if we find that they're about to become misaligned. We'll also check the auto-reverse feature of the door, to make sure it doesn't try to crash any object or person that somehow ends up underneath it.

Track and Panel Inspections

It's important to catch problems as early as possible, to prevent more dangerous malfunctions from occurring. Our experts will look for and repair any minor damage to the tracks and the panels, in order to preserve the condition of the door and its smooth and easy movement. We'll also lubricate the steel rollers and the hinges, as well as any other moving metal part that experiences friction while the system is operating.

Prevention Beats Reaction

Rather than waiting for something to go wrong and then calling our team at Garage Door Repair Darien for emergency assistance, reach out to us today and schedule a maintenance appointment. Your door's longevity is in your hands.

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