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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Proactive Garage Door Tips

This page contains tips that will help you understand what you can do to get the most out of your automatic garage door and offer you more useful information about these systems in general.

Replace your garage door weather stripping

The weather seals that help to insulate and isolate your garage from the outside world are usually made of rubber and will deteriorate over time. This will result in a gap or a tear at the bottom or sides of your door that will allow cold air and dust to enter your garage. Replace the weather seals when they become worn and brittle to avoid this.

Clean your garage door tracks on a regular basis

An accumulation of dirt and dust can cause blockages to form if you neglect to remove them. To prevent this from happening, you need to regularly check the tracks and clean them. Remember, though, that the tracks should not be lubricated, as this could result in a sticky mess that will impede the movement of the rollers.

Inspect the extension spring safety cables

These cables run through the springs and are intended to contain them in the event the springs snap. This reduces the risk of injury and property damage. Check the cables for fraying and minor cuts. You will benefit from using a torchlight for that purpose. If you notice any signs of damage, call a professional for repair services - don't risk injury by trying to handle them yourself.

Garage Door Lubrication for Beginners

It is important to stay away from WD-40 because it is a magnet for dirt and dust. Instead, we recommend using a silicone spray or one that is made from lithium. The chain-rail, rollers, and bearings are particularly vulnerable to rust and need to be lubricated. The first sign that there is a problem will be an unpleasant noise when you operate the door.


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